NWS WFOs adjusting snowfall forecasts, causing uncertainty. NWS Boston persists, while New England totals are halved; NYC stands at 6″.

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The National Weather Service’s snowfall forecasts are undergoing some unexpected edits, akin to rearranging puzzle pieces with a paintbrush. NWS offices are fine-tuning their predictions, with NWS Boston holding steadfast till the very last moment.

In a sudden twist, snowfall totals in New England have been chopped in half, leaving forecasters and residents surprised. However, amidst the adjustments, New York City stands resilient, maintaining a respectable forecast of 6 inches.

The synchronized agreement at 23z adds an intriguing layer to this meteorological puzzle. As winter weather keeps us on our toes, it seems the forecasters are navigating a dynamic landscape, adjusting their predictions in real-time. The unpredictability of snowfall remains a testament to the ever-shifting nature of weather forecasts.

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