New Zealand first unveils divisive bathroom bill.

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New Zealand First is pushing a bill that mandates separate unisex and single-sex bathrooms in public buildings, with fines for those who use the “wrong” one. Despite opposition from the Prime Minister and the lack of prior agreement, the party claims it’s responding to public demand and points to similar legislation in the UK.

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This so-called “Fair Access to Bathrooms Bill” is nothing short of a ludicrous attempt to legislate away common sense and inclusivity! Mandating separate facilities based on outdated notions of gender not only reinforces harmful stereotypes but also completely ignores the diverse needs of individuals. Rather than addressing real issues facing New Zealanders, New Zealand First is wasting time and resources on a divisive and unnecessary proposal. It’s appalling that they’re trying to mask their discriminatory agenda as a solution to non-existent problems. This bill deserves to be flushed down the legislative drain immediately!


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