New York City begins evicting immigrants who have been in shelters for 30 days

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New York City on Wednesday began its latest eviction policy, which removes migrants from shelters who have been in the city’s system for 30 days in most cases, or 60 days for young adults between 18-23.

The policy comes after the New York City Mayor Eric Adams reached a settlement with migrant advocacy groups over the city’s “right to shelter” law. The city needed a way to cap the amount of migrants in its care, because it has seen nearly 200,000 migrants flood the city since 2022, according to NBC News. More than 65,000 remain in its care.

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City officials are examining the migrants in a case-by-case basis, because some are entitled or eligible for extensions, such as high school students who are moving towards graduation, people recovering from medical procedures, and those with immigration hearings within 30 days, but it is expected to impact roughly 250 migrants between Wednesday and Sunday.

Here’s what we’re doing in Massachusetts:

Homeless housing: Former Mass. prison to reopen next month

NORFOLK – A former prison in Norfolk will be used as an emergency shelter site for homeless families, about half will be newly arrived immigrants when the converted space opens next month, according to Scott Rice, the state’s emergency assistance director.

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The Bay State Correctional Center was decommissioned in 2015 amid a decrease in the state’s prison population, and it can host around 140 families, many of whom have been staying at Logan Airport, according to a statement from Rice over the weekend.

The state’s right to shelter law guarantees housing to homeless families with children and pregnant women who are eligible for emergency shelter.


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