New technology allows 911-emergency dispatchers to see through the caller’s camera on their smartphone.

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There’s now the ability for 911 dispatchers to see what’s happening on a scene by using the caller’s cellphone camera.

It’s already being used to save lives and catch criminals in the act.

Orange County just got online, but the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office has been on board for a year now.

“Hey, sheriff’s deputy,” a deputy said when approaching a burglary suspect.

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“Don’t run. Hey, stop. Don’t run,” a deputy said in body cam footage.

The burglar didn’t stand a chance. While he was busy trying to break into a car with a screwdriver, deputies with the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office were watching his every move.

They knew exactly where to find him when he ran.

“Come out right now. Let me see your hands, both hands,” a deputy said in body cam footage.

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“Nine-one-one, what is your emergency?” a dispatcher said during a call.

It was all compliments of a new-fangled technology that allows 911 dispatchers to tap into the callers’ cell phone camera and livestream it.

“It helps us to give out the information so fast. It’s instant,” Christina Mortimer, the director of communications, said.

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