Nearly all household cleaners release cancer causing VOCs into the air.

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Nearly every cleaning product in your home may release hundreds of potentially toxic chemicals when used, a study suggests.

Researchers at the Environmental Working Group tested 30 common household products such as glass cleaners, stain removers and air fresheners.

They said that all but one released measurable levels of volatile compounds, or VOCs — tiny toxins linked to cancers, asthma and fertility problems when inhaled.

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Ten products released levels of the chemicals that were so high they breached European safety standards, and the VOCs lingered in the air for up to four hours.

Even some ‘green’ products — that claimed to be safer and more environmentally friendly — released hazardous levels of VOCs, they said.

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The researchers added that the study was a ‘wake-up call’ for consumers, saying that people needed to be ‘more aware’ of the risks from cleaning products.

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