NBC News deflects blame, distorts truth on immigration crisis, shielding Biden administration.

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In a stunning display of journalistic spin, NBC News has once again chosen to deflect blame and distort the truth regarding the ongoing immigration crisis plaguing the United States. Rather than holding President Biden accountable for his reckless reinstatement of ‘catch and release’ policies within his first two weeks in office, NBC instead shifts the spotlight to Congress, absolving the administration of its role in the chaos unfolding at the border.

The recent headline from NBC News reads, “Man on terror watchlist remains in U.S. after being released by Border Patrol,” a stark reminder of the alarming consequences of Biden’s lenient immigration policies. Yet, instead of addressing the root cause of this security lapse – the flawed ‘catch and release’ policy – NBC opts to place the blame squarely on Congress, conveniently sidestepping the administration’s culpability.

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Beyond the staggering implications for national security, the ‘catch and release’ approach has ushered in a new era of lawlessness, with criminals being apprehended by law enforcement only to be promptly released back into society. In New York, police officers now find themselves grappling not only with routine crimes but also with the added burden of arresting illegal aliens who repeatedly flout the law. The system, once designed to uphold justice and maintain order, now lies in shambles.

NBC’s failure to hold the Biden administration to account for its role in perpetuating this crisis is a disservice to the American people. By glossing over the administration’s policy failures and shifting blame onto Congress, NBC perpetuates a dangerous narrative that undermines the integrity of our immigration system and jeopardizes the safety of our communities.

As citizens, we must demand transparency and accountability from our media outlets and elected officials alike. The truth cannot be obscured by political agendas or journalistic bias.

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