NATO Outlines ‘Red Lines’ for Ukraine in Potential Conflict with Russia

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NATO has confidentially and unofficially identified at least two “red lines” that could lead to the Alliance’s direct intervention in the war in Ukraine, according to Repubblica.

While there are currently no operational plans for deploying troops to Ukraine, these “red lines” represent potential plans for extraordinary circumstances, such as third-party involvement in the war.

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The first “red line” focuses on direct or indirect involvement by a third party, such as a possible breakthrough in northwestern Ukraine, creating a corridor between Ukraine and Belarus. This would directly involve Minsk in the war, making its troops and arsenal crucial for Moscow and potentially activating defense favoring Ukraine.

The second “red line” concerns military provocation against the Baltic States or Poland or a deliberate attack on Moldova. This could be a military strike to test the reaction of the West, potentially attempting to exploit NATO’s perceived distraction during the election season in Europe and the United States. However, the Alliance has clarified that it will not tolerate such aggression.

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