NATO Green Lights Ukraine to Attack Russia

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NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg has given Ukraine the greenlight to use Western weapons to hit Russian territory.

Speaking on Saturday, he reportedly said: “This is Russia’s aggressive war against Ukraine. Ukraine has the right to defend itself.

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“This includes strikes on targets in Russia.”

His comments after two years of the war in Ukraine where the West has explicitly warned Kyiv not to use its weapons to strike Russia.

However, the New York Times reported this week that US State Department officials are mulling the idea of releasing these restrictions on Ukraine.

Several NATO members are ready to deploy troops to Ukraine if Russia makes a breakthrough from its latest push in the easy of the country, according to reports.

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German newspaper Der Spiegel reports that MPs in Baltic states are furious with Berlin’s policy towards the Ukraine war on the sidelines of the Lennart Meri Conference on foreign and security policy.

Germany refuses to provide the Ukrainian army with long-range weapons and will not to give the green light for them to strike Russian territory with Western weapons.

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