Native Americans tell white Liberals. Stop cancelling our sports teams.

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Native American activists under attack via cancel culture say they hope to stop woke efforts today from obliterating wide swaths of United States heritage and history.

The Kansas City Chiefs and the Boy Scouts of America both appear to be erasing traces of their Native American heritage, according to activists and to the evidence as well.

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Also, America’s most famous Chiefs fan right now, Taylor Swift, is being hailed by some as the great woke hope who can force the franchise to cave to charges of racism and end its “tomahawk chop” chant.

Not in Our Honor, a Kansas City-based group, said it was “hopeful” that Swift would be an “ally” in their effort to force the team to end the tradition, according to media reports during the football season.

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The legacy of popular Kansas City, Missouri mayor and Arapaho tribal member Harold Roe “Chief” Bartle could be obliterated in the fallout. He is a foundational figure in the history of both the Chiefs and the Boy Scouts — at least until he’s canceled, American Indians fear.

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