Nancy Pelosi yet again reveals Democrats’ disdain for average Americans

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Do Democrats have contempt for Americans who aren’t part of the richest 1% or don’t live in cities on the coast?

This query comes after former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) made an outrageous comment during a recent Oxford Union debate, calling those who may see themselves as part of the populist movement just “poor souls who are looking for some answers.”

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“We’ve given [answers] to them, but they’re blocked by some of their views on guns. They have the three Gs: guns, gays, God,” huffed the the 84-year-old Pelosi. “That would be a woman’s right to choose — and the cultural issues cloud some of their reception of an argument that really is in their interest.”

How utterly condescending, albeit not surprising considering the elitist bubble Pelosi — who along with her husband is worth north of $100 million — lives in.

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The sanctimonious sentiment brings back memories of Barack Obama’s perspective on struggling working-class voters during a private fundraiser in San Francisco back in 2008.

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