Nancy Pelosi is hot, booking $1.4 Million profit on Nvidia call options. For her next trade, Nancy is buying $1.25 Million of long term options on Palo Alto Networks.

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Late last year, U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi reported a transaction to purchase call options in NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA). After a massive rally in the stock this year related to breathtaking AI uptake and the company’s strong financial results, Pelosi is now said to be sitting on a significant windfall profit.

Nancy Pelosi Nvidia Call Options Trade
According to historical options data, Pelosi paid an estimated $380 per option contract in late November when she bought 50 December 20, 2024, 120 call options. Each option contract represents 100 shares of the underlying stock.

Those same options are now worth about $660 per option contract, suggesting an estimated gain of $1.4 million. When Pelosi made the trade known publicly in late December, it was disclosed she paid between $1 million and $5 million for the options.

Speaking to, Chris Josephs, co-founder of Autopilot, a service that automates your portfolio by copying top-notch traders in real-time, explained that the NVDA buy “was one of the larger ranges.”

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Joseph, who also runs the @PelosiTracker_ account on X (formerly Twitter), added that the option buy occurred on November 22, 2023. The stock is up 63% since then.

Here’s a breakdown of recent trading of $PANW stock by members of Congress over the last 6 months:

– Representative William R. Keating purchased up to $15,000 on 01/24.

– Representative Michael C. Burgess has traded $PANW 2 times. They made 1 purchase worth up to $50,000 on 12/08 and 1 sale worth up to $50,000 on 01/02.

– Representative John R. Curtis has traded $PANW 2 times. They made 1 purchase worth up to $15,000 on 09/13 and 1 sale worth up to $15,000 on 12/04.

– Representative Jonathan Jackson purchased up to $100,000 on 12/01.

– Representative Josh Gottheimer purchased up to $15,000 on 11/28.

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– Representative HON. GREG STANTON sold up to $15,000 on 10/24.

– Senator Markwayne Mullin has traded $PANW 2 times. They made 2 purchases worth up to $65,000 on 10/03, 09/13 and 0 sales.

Palo Alto Networks is a very popular stock in congress.

In a new disclosure filed today, U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi reported the purchase of up to $1.25M of Palo Alto Networks call options, in trade that took place on February 12th and 21st. Members of Congress have traded $PANW stock 10 times in the past 6 months. Of those trades, 7 have been purchases and 3 have been sales.

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