Most targeted sites completely evacuated before aggression: Sources

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The spokesperson for the Commander-in-Chief of the Iraqi Armed Forces, Yahya Rasool Abdullah, stated that the cities of al-Qaim and the Iraqi border areas were subjected to air “strikes” by US aircraft, adding that these “strikes” come at a time when Iraq is striving to ensure the stability of the region.

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He emphasized that these “strikes” flagrantly violate Iraqi sovereignty, undermine the efforts of the Iraqi government, and pose a significant threat that could drag Iraq and the region into highly undesirable consequences. He underscored that the ramifications of these actions would be severe, particularly jeopardizing the security and stability of both Iraq and the region.

An official from the Iraqi Ministry of Interior informed AFP that, based on preliminary information, the American “strike” targeted a warehouse for light weapons. Concurrently, an official from the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces, speaking to the same agency, emphasized that the bombing in the al-Qaim area did not lead to any casualties.

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