More than 600K federal employees are facing furloughs this week

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Congress and the White House are still negotiating over a funding plan as they face a partial shutdown deadline on Friday.

The federal agencies facing a shutdown threat later this week would send home more than 600,000 employees if Congress fails to enact funding by Friday, furloughing them with only the promise of backpay.

An additional 780,000 workers would remain on the job, either because they are funded through mechanisms other than annual appropriations or their jobs are deemed necessary to protect life and property. If Congress fails to take action by the March 22 deadline, funding for agencies appropriated through six of the 12 annual must-pass spending bills—the departments of Defense, Treasury, Homeland Security, Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, State and other agencies—will expire. The remaining roughly 600,000 federal employees would remain on the job, as their agencies already received full-year appropriations.

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