Millions of UK Residents Unplugging Their Refrigerators to Try to Save Money on Electricity

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by Chris Black

Part of the reason for the endless wars is keeping people poor in a time of such grand technological advancement that it should be impossible for anyone to be poor.

The (((leadership))) of the West are afraid of the idea of people not struggling constantly.

The institutions of the West are all premised on the idea of endless material hardship.

Western leaders also have a plan for a future society where the whole world is run by a small group of elites that rule over a mass of landless peasants.

Therefore, the ruling class comes up with ways to keep people poor.


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Millions of UK households have been resorting to ‘desperate measures’, such as turning off their fridges or freezers, in order to cope with the cost-of-living crisis, according to a new study by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) charity.

Cited by The Guardian on Tuesday, the report found that in October a quarter (2.8 million) of UK low-income households had incurred debts to pay for food, a third had sold belongings to raise cash, and one in six had used so-called community ‘warm rooms’. Four out of five households on universal credit were going without food, switching off heating and not replacing worn-out clothing. Nearly a million households said that since May they had to disconnect their fridge or freezer for the first time.

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According to the JRF, more than seven million households had gone without food and other essentials in the last six months, despite the government’s cost of living targeted support.

“Millions of families unplugging their fridges and freezers is the latest chapter in a long-running story of hardship,” Peter Matejic, chief analyst at the JRF, was quoted as saying. “People risk becoming sick from eating spoiled food and going without healthy, fresh food. This risks lasting harm to the health of millions,” he warned.

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