Millions in Texas face serious risk of flooding with officials urging some to evacuate

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Officials in several Texas communities have asked people to evacuate their homes as rivers overflow their banks from recent heavy rain and severe weather, and flood alerts remain in effect across portions of the Lone Star state in anticipation of more precipitation in the coming days.

Several inches of rain have already fallen in areas south of Dallas and north of Houston, leaving the ground extremely saturated. That includes along the Trinity River, which hasn’t seen water this high in years.

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Several communities along the Trinity and San Jacinto rivers in Texas have been asked to evacuate their homes due to the rapidly rising water.

FOX 26 Houston Reporter Shelby Rose said some people who didn’t evacuate needed to be rescued and brought to higher ground.

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Harris County Judge Lina Hildago said the rate at which the water was flowing down the San Jacinto River was much higher than anticipated. She urged people who live along the East Bank of the river to make the decision to leave as soon as possible before it’s too late.

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