Mike Johnson’s proposal to allocate $95.34 billion to foreign conflicts, while neglecting domestic needs; Thomas Massie and MTG’s move to vacate Speaker

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Reports surface of a proposed $95.34 billion spending package by Mike Johnson, earmarking significant funds for foreign conflicts while allocating zero dollars for border security. The allocation breakdown, including substantial sums for Ukraine, Israel, the Red Sea, and the Indo-Pacific, sparks outrage and accusations of misplaced priorities. Calls for Johnson’s removal intensify, with Thomas Massie and MTG cosponsoring a Motion to Vacate Speaker Mike Johnson. Amidst growing concerns over accountability, comparisons arise highlighting the inability to track billions of dollars in various government expenditures, underscoring the need for greater transparency and oversight in financial management.

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Mike Johnson plans separate House votes on Ukraine and Israel aid packages this week.

Steve Cortes: Speaker Johnson Should Buck the War Machine and Put America First

Thomas Massie Just Threatened to Oust Speaker Johnson if He Doesn’t Resign


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