Mike Flynn claims hit by ‘8 subpoenas last night’ as an effort to keep Donald Trump out of office.

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Disgraced former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn revealed that he had been served with eight subpoenas in one night in what he said was an effort to keep Donald Trump out of office.

During a Thursday interview with right-wing host Steve Bannon, Flynn insisted that there was “no way in the world” Democrats wanted Trump to be president again.

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“There’s no way in the world that we want people like General Mike Flynn back in the government,” he remarked. “And they’ve done everything that they can possibly do.”

“Steve, a little breaking news here on your show, I received eight, count them, eight subpoenas last night,” he revealed.

Flynn suggested the subpoenas were aimed at keeping Trump out of office, but didn’t give details about what they were issued for.

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