Middle class can’t afford home in half of U.S. metros: Study

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Housing is becoming an exclusively upper-class privilege in a growing number of cities.

According to a new study by Creditnews Research, in 2024, middle-class households could afford to buy an average home in just 52 of the country’s 100 largest metros.

Just five years earlier, they could afford a home in 91 of the top 100 metros.

The situation is far worse for lower middle-class households, as they can only afford a home in seven of the largest 100 metros.

In total, 41 out of the 100 metros require a gross annual income of $100,000 or more to qualify for an average home. In 13 metros, an average income of more than $155,000 is needed.

In those cities, even the upper-middle class doesn’t qualify for an average home.

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