Microsoft just Couped OpenAI

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by Chris Black

Why is no one talking about what just happened?

Quick rundown:

>Open AI was created as a non-profit with a core mission to leverage AI to better humanity.

>founding constitution has a clause which instructs the handling of a true AGI, should that ever come into existence.

>Specifically, the company recognizes the risks of AGI. Should it arrive, the company will lock down deployment and commercialization to allow time to study it.

>Enter Sam Altman.

>a nobody, who knows very little about tech suddenly receives vast amounts of grant money to develop apps.

>Microsoft, who has now become the biggest investor in OpenAI, pushes for Sam to become CEO.

>Sam instantly begins to monetize ChatGPT and hand over the keys to Microsoft.

>AI scientists at Open AI raise awareness of a possible AGI with in the next version of chat GPT.

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>Sam tries to hide this info, realizing that AGI classification would mean they’d shut down monetization, per the founding constitution. Wants to make Microsoft happy.

>board catches on to the cover up. Wants to maintain the constitutional mission and so fires Sam.

>Microsoft, along with their journalist friends, goes on a media blitz to make people think that what the board did was wrong/immoral. States a coup at company and threatens to hire entire OpenAI team unless their puppet Sam is reinstated and board fired.

>Microsoft plan works and they essentially run OpenAI now and have the keys to AGI.

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>you are here.


A potential breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence may have contributed to Sam Altman’s recent ouster as CEO of OpenAI.

According to a Reuters report citing two sources acquainted with the matter, several staff researchers wrote a letter to the organization’s board warning of a discovery that could potentially threaten the human race.


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