Michelle Obama – ‘I plan to run’

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With nothing new to be told, creeping forth is retelling what’s old.

Years before “Oppenheimer” and Robert Downey Jr.’s Golden Globe win and Oscar nom, he exited a Santa Monica health club bathroom stall holding his face and complaining: “There’s no paper and my nose is running.”

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Standing there was writer Jim Fragale who said: “There’s safety tissue in the wall for the seat.”

“Thanks,” he said as he grabbed a handful and honked his way out the door.

More. Comes now a re-revival of an ancient Betty Comden and Adolph Green Broadway show.

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More. “Cabaret.” Another re-re-re-revival. The thing’s been around longer than the Statue of Liberty. With yet another party celebrating Joel Grey’s coming birthday at Café Carlyle to be hosted by Eddie Redmayne.

Meanwhile, in the big bay window of Michael’s, seated like a queen — Gayle King.


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