Michael Cohen actually stole $60,000 from Trump Organization, live updates. Cohen tells jury he made $4 million off Trump’s name.

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Michael Cohen coolly admitted Monday to stealing $30,000 from the Trump Organization — and ending up with twice that much — after overstating how much he needed to be repaid for fronting funds to a poll-rigging tech company called Red Finch.

Cohen testified that he handed the CEO of the company $20,000 in cash in a brown paper bag in exchange for services that included rigging 2016 election polls in Donald Trump’s favor.

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But when Trump’s chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg asked him during a mid-2017 meeting whether he needed to be reimbursed $50,000 for this, Cohen went along with it.

The company paid Cohen $50,000 — doubling that amount by “grossing up” to cover taxes Cohen would owe by declaring the money as income, instead of a tax-free reimbursement — and Cohen pocketed the difference.

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