Meta Loses 16 billion this year. Stock up 12%

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Zuckerberg is building his secret fortress in Hawaii. Sustainable food sources, underground bunkers, treetop expierences for guests – on land stolen from Indigenous Hawaiians, bought under shell companies.

People working on the project are sworn to secrecy with nondisclosure agreements. Fired for discussing what they do at work.

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It was theorized Meta was intentionally “burning money” into the Metaverse. After a 13 billion loss in 2022, they lost 16 billion in 2023.

Zuckerberg laid off 22% of their staff. Shuttered facilities.

But the stock price is up 12%. Futures are skyrocketting.

As I’ve been saying, what he is building is not entertainment. They are literally designing the virtual world to be where you spend your entire existence. Plugged into the matrix – you wont leave your 15 minute city. You wont have personal transportation as its proven EVs dont work.

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