Mercedes driver pays $15 for 10% charge.

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‘When did charging become the same price as gas?!’: Mercedes driver shocked after paying $15 for 10% charge

‘So it would be $150 for a full charge, thats a few tanks of gas.’

One of the oft-touted benefits of electric cars is that charging one’s car is generally cheaper than filling it up with a full tank of gas.

In fact, according to the Pew Research center, “saving money on gas” was a major reason that 70% of those who would consider buying an electric vehicle say that would do so.

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Is it cheaper to charge an electric car or gas up a traditional one?

However, while cheaper fill-ups may have been one of the main reasons people would buy EVs in the early days of their roll out, it would appear that cheap power is no longer a major motivation for going electric.

That’s because electricity prices have gone up in recent years. As noted by a Washington Post piece in August 2023, while direct comparisons between gas and electric vehicles is difficult given their differences in range and what affects said range, one can still determine approximately how much money they will save by going electric—and it might not be as much as one thinks.

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“In Mississippi, for example, a conventional pickup costs about $30 more to refuel than its electric counterpart,” writes author Michael J. Coren. “For smaller, more efficient SUVs and sedans, EVs save roughly $20 to $25 per fill-up to cover the same number of miles.”


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