McCabe’s confession on CNN unveils the depth of deception within the FBI’s ranks.

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In a shocking revelation, the disgraced former deputy FBI director admitted on CNN that the FISA application he authorized to spy on Trump adviser Carter Page was riddled with errors. McCabe acknowledged that there were “many mistakes” in the FISA application and described the situation as “regrettable.”

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This admission has only fueled further outrage, with critics lambasting McCabe for his role in what they perceive as an abuse of power and a violation of civil liberties. Many argue that his actions represent a betrayal of the public trust and warrant serious consequences.

McCabe’s appearance on CNN has reignited debate about the integrity of the FBI and its handling of sensitive investigations. His admission has raised questions about the credibility of the agency and the extent to which political bias may have influenced its actions.

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In the eyes of many, McCabe’s admission only confirms what they have long suspected: that there was indeed wrongdoing at the highest levels of the FBI. Calls for accountability and justice are growing louder, with demands for a thorough investigation into the matter.

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