Mark Milley Says the Ukraine Only has 30 Days Left for “Offensive”

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by Chris Black

What they said just a few months ago was that they were going to take back Crimea.

That was announced, repeatedly, all through the media. All of those shitty doge meme Twitter accounts were saying it.

I remember.

Milley is obviously not a big supporter of this war.

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It’s his job to support it, but he’s not an unhinged lunatic like Nuland or Blinken, and he knew this was impossible.

BBC News:

Ukraine has little more than 30 days left of fighting before the weather hinders its counter-offensive, the top-ranking US military officer says.

Speaking to the BBC’s Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg programme, Gen Mark Milley said colder conditions would make it much harder for Ukraine to manoeuvre.

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He admitted the offensive had gone more slowly than expected. But he said: “There’s still heavy fighting going on.

The Ukrainians are still plugging away with steady progress.”

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