Mark Levin and Texas Rep. Chip Roy condemn Biden over the border crisis.

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Prominent conservative commentator Mark Levin has unleashed a scathing critique of President Joe Biden, accusing him of being a “serial pathological liar” and asserting that the border crisis will persist until he leaves office. Levin’s passionate condemnation reflects growing frustration over the administration’s handling of immigration issues.

Adding to the chorus of criticism, Texas Representative Chip Roy has taken a strong stance against the Biden regime, likening the destruction of the Southern Border to a well-smoked brisket BBQ. Representative Roy goes further, putting Biden on notice and suggesting that he should face impeachment for his role in what he perceives as a willful destruction of the border.

The heated rhetoric from Levin and Representative Roy highlights the intensifying scrutiny and dissatisfaction surrounding the Biden administration’s border policies. As these critiques gain traction, the debate over the Southern Border crisis becomes increasingly charged, setting the stage for potential political repercussions.

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