Major cities concealing crime Data

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Major cities like New York City and Los Angeles, along with many others, are not reporting crime data to the FBI, contributing to a nationwide trend where nearly 40% of law enforcement agencies fail to share this crucial information.

This is beyond outrageous. How can we trust crime statistics when some of the largest cities in the country are conveniently opting out of reporting their data to the FBI? It’s a blatant disregard for transparency and accountability. And let’s not forget the real-life consequences of these omissions. When crimes go unreported, victims are denied justice, and the true extent of criminal activity is obscured. This isn’t just a statistical anomaly; it’s a systemic failure that puts lives at risk. We need answers, accountability, and immediate action to address this alarming trend. It’s time for these cities to step up and fulfill their responsibility to the communities they serve.

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