MacDonalds Cheeseburg is up 215% since 2019

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Prices in general have gone up about 21.5% since COVID-19 struck, but fast-food price hikes have outpaced headline inflation by wild margins. Here’s how much some of the most popular items at your favorite fast-food joints have gone up in price.

The carefree days of the “Dollar Menunaire” are a distant memory. Five-dollar footlong? Forget it. As any fast-food fanatic knows, the drive-thru is no longer the greasy bastion of value it once was.

Inflation affects all consumer products and services, but each business make its own decisions when it comes to raising prices. And while some companies’ price hikes have been in line with rising wages and increasing supply costs, certain businesses — including many in the fast-food industry — have increased prices at unprecedented rates that have outpaced inflation by a significant margin.

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