London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurter, an expert “predicts” which cities are going to be hit by China’s mystery ‘pneumonia’ outbreak

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It’s probably new pandemic. Both China and West are complicit and need it for social engineering.


CHINA’S mystery pneumonia-like eruption has sparked major fears over the virus spreading into Europe and badly infecting four major cities.

Health expert Dr Veronika Matutyte was warned that some European cities will be hit harder than others and should be something doctors are looking closely at.

Matutyte predicted that London, Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam “may be the first European points of entry for the illness”.

The reasoning centres around these places being “large, densely populated areas” and “transit hubs” for the rest of the world.

An insider claimed Chinese officials have been ordered to downplay the outbreak recently as fears over a possible new pandemic grow.

A member of China’s top leadership has claimed the country’s main officials have been given a “secret directive,” straight from Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

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Speaking to The Epoch Times, the insider said the order instructed officials to downplay the current outbreak and avoid using the term Covid-19.

China’s Raging Pneumonia Outbreak—Is it COVID All Over Again?
Hospitals in parts of China are overloaded with patients, many of them children, who are suffering from a surging pneumonia epidemic that has prompted comparisons to COVID-19, which was first identified in China before it went on to kill some seven million people around the world.

Number of deaths involving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), pneumonia, and influenza in the U.S. as of August 21, 2023

Over 12 million by August 2023, will be above 20 million by end of year.

DC area hospitals are reporting seeing an uptick in sick visits amidst global concern for respiratory illness.

The mysterious respiratory illnesses that are reportedly wreaking havoc in hospitals in China are now raising concerns for the medical community across the country and impacting Washington D.C., according to reports.

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FOX 5 DC has learned that hospitals, emergency rooms, urgent care locations and clinics are reportedly seeing an uptick in sick visits.

Countries Prepare for China’s Pneumonia Outbreak to Spread

Several countries are taking steps to prepare against the spread contagious respiratory illnesses as China battles a concerning spike in pneumonia cases.

Many parts of China have been hit by the surprising surge in the illness, which has particularly impacted children. Northern provinces in China have experienced a jump in flu-like illnesses for five weeks straight since mid-October.



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