Listen: Screams from ‘DEI’ air traffic control tower as two planes nearly collide on DC runway…

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DEI means someone’s gonna DIE.

If you find yourself sitting on the ground, looking up at the skies, scratching your head, and wondering why our airline industry seems to be crashing and burning, you’re definitely not alone. Plenty of Americans are gazing upward, asking themselves what the heck is going wrong with our once well-respected aviation industry. These days, under the so-called leadership of Mayor Pete and the Biden regime, we’re seeing a slew of equipment failures, near-misses, confused employees, and planes that seem to be falling apart at the seams.

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Gee, wonder why?

These days, the US aviation industry is like watching a disaster movie, but this is no film—it’s real life, and it’s unfolding right above us.
The latest “movie disaster” unfolded on the runway in the DC Swamp. Two planes, one from Jet Blue and the other from Southwest, nearly collided. You could hear the panic crackling through the air traffic control tower as they scrambled to handle yet another near-miss moment.

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