Liberals sound the alarm: Biden is losing. *** Poll, Approval Rating Record Lows

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President Joe Biden is trailing, and liberal pundits are increasingly saying he has mainly himself to blame.

The New York Times’s Ezra Klein unfurled seven theories for why Biden is losing to former President Donald Trump. “The electorate hasn’t turned on Democrats; a crucial group of voters has turned on Biden,” he writes.

Biden is losing to Trump in states where Democratic Senate candidates are still ahead. “The point here is that Democrats have a Joe Biden problem, not a partywide problem,” New York magazine’s Jonathan Chait wrote. “Regular, mainstream Democratic candidates are holding up just fine in the purple states.”

That’s why the Democrats in those races are in some cases running away from Biden. “If you go out there and do a focus group, the focus groups all say, ‘He’s 200 years old. You got to be kidding me.’ And the worst part about it is for unaffiliated voters or people that haven’t made up their mind, they look at this and say: ‘You have to be kidding us. These are our choices?’ And they indict us for not taking it seriously,” the Hill quoted an unnamed Democratic senator as saying.

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“We’ll see how much gravity we can defy,” the senator said of Democrats running ahead of Biden in the battleground states, implying Biden could have reverse coattails.


Biden’s approval rating matches record-low: Poll

President Joe Biden’s approval rating has reached its lowest level in two years, tying his record.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll released Tuesday found that just 36% of people approve of Biden’s job as president, tying his record low-performance rating in July 2022. The new rating is a decrease of 2 percentage points from one month prior.

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Biden started with a positive approval rating, which he held until August 2021, after which it never recovered.

Especially worrying for Biden is that respondents gave former President Donald Trump significantly higher ratings in several key fields, including the economy, immigration, and foreign conflicts and terrorism.

Roughly 40% of respondents said that Trump had better economic policies, compared to 30% who sided with Biden. Trump was far ahead on immigration with a 42% preference, compared to just 25% who picked Biden. On the matter of foreign conflicts and terrorism, 36% of respondents favored Trump, compared to 29% in favor of Biden’s approach.

Biden’s approval rating matches record-low: Poll

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