Laura Loomer sneaks on migrant bus

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Moments ago, I jumped out of the car and hopped on an invader bus on the side of the road that was transporting a bunch of African invaders at 10 pm.

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I began filming, and the driver said I had to get off the bus, but I still got the video.

The bus is headed to Costa Rica from a Panamanian migrant camp for a 15 hour drive in the middle of the night, and then the invaders on the bus will make their way to the US.

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I snuck on the bus and the invaders were all dressed in African garb.


What I have seen is evidence of a full scale invasion, and these people are being bussed to other countries in the middle of the night.

A bus full of Africans being trafficked in the dark of night.

Coming to a city near you!

h/t OriginalGangsta

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