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Ouch! Joe Biden gets scorched in Quinnipiac poll.


Voters see Biden as too old and don’t see the same problems with Trump. There is absolutely zero chance that voters will change their minds on this question, at least regarding Joe Biden. Biden isn’t going to become more mentally alert or more physically vital, and voters are set in their opinions that Biden is not truly fit to be president.

This opinion is reflected in the answers to the second question, about who could better respond to a national crisis. There are a lot of people who say they won’t vote for Donald Trump who freely admit that he is better equipped to handle a national crisis.

This answer is driven, I would expect, partly by the perception of age and decrepitude that attaches to Biden, but also due to Biden’s objectively poor performance as president.

That, too, is not an opinion that is likely to change.


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US incomes fall for third straight year under Biden admin as more people ‘cut back’ and work multiple jobs: Census Bureau.

U.S. Inflation Accelerated in August as Gasoline Prices Jumped.


Consumer prices rose in August at the fastest pace in more than a year due to a jump in energy costs, illustrating the potential obstacles to wringing inflation out of the economy without a sharper slowdown.

The consumer-price index, a closely watched inflation gauge, rose 0.6% in August from the prior month, the Labor Department reported Wednesday. More than half of the increase was due to higher gasoline prices.

So-called core prices, which exclude volatile food and energy items, rose by a relatively mild 0.3% last month after even lower readings in June and July. The August increase reflected higher costs for items such as airfares and vehicle insurance. . . .

Several factors could put upward pressure on prices in the coming months.

Saudi Arabia’s decision to extend cuts to its crude-oil output until the end of the year could keep gasoline prices elevated, according to the International Energy Agency. A potential strike by the United Auto Workers union could upend production at one or more auto manufacturers and push up prices on dealership lots. Recently reached labor contracts in the airline and healthcare industries will boost pay for some workers at a time when the Fed is seeking a slowdown in wage growth to help cool inflationary pressures.


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Just remember, it can always get worse.

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