JPOW Says He’s Confused About The Economy

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by B3stAuD1t0rofA11tiME

JPOW often plays the dummy card when he has to explain the economy particularly around the jobs and CPI reports.

Just like on WSB, there are some topics we just can’t touch even though it’s pretty obvious why the jobs report came in smashing estimates.

And for that reason alone, the market responded positively since everyone took out their calculators and backed out one statistic to arrive at the true jobs report out.

One other thing to consider over the weekend is the alarm bell the United Way is sounding in regards to poverty lines that haven’t moved much since 2010. This population is called ALICE and increased 18% from 2010 to 36 million people in 2021. They haven’t reported an update since, which is huge red flag. So you know those numbers are now jacked to the tits.

This is a data set that predicted the subprime mortgage crisis, baby formula shortage and now they are saying there is a big fucking problem.

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So the debate is whether or not that actually matters for the stock market.

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Even though it sucks ass, I still think we ride. The biggest returns are missed when you sit on the sidelines with somebody else’s shlong in your hand trying to time bottoms.

Plus if you aren’t bullish on the solar eclipse you can fuck off right back to your shitty planet Nibiru. If you need gold hit up Peter Schiff.

We don’t care about that anymore. In 10 years we will be eating your galaxy for lunch with Nvidia chips and a chocolate frosty.



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