JPMorgan warns investors should brace for 1970s-style stagflation

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U.S. stocks smashed a new record high last week, but the rally may not last for long thanks to heightened risks that the economy returns to a 1970s-style stagflation scenario, according to JPMorgan Chase strategists.

In an analyst note to clients, the bank’s chief market strategist Marko Kolanovic warned that the economy may turn away from a “Goldilocks” scenario – in which it is not expanding or contracting by too much – and enter a period of stagflation similar to that experienced in the 1970s.

“Going back to the question of market macro regime, we believe that there is a risk of the narrative turning back from Goldilocks towards something like 1970s stagflation, with significant implications for asset allocation,” Kolanovic wrote.

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