John Kerry Calls Himself a ‘Militant’ and Demands End to Coal Plants ‘Anywhere in the World’ except China

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Coal plants should not be permitted “anywhere in the world” the self-described “militant” U.S. climate envoy John Kerry said Sunday at the COP28 climate conference in Dubai.

Kerry said he is becoming “more and more” militant about climate policy because people are avoiding responsibility and not doing as they are told, focusing on countries that continue to build polluting coal fired power plants, saying:

We don’t need that necessarily to tell us we ought to be transitioning out of coal. There shouldn’t be any more coal power plants permitted anywhere in the world.

That’s how you can do something for health. And the reality is that we’re not doing it.

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Kerry spoke at the conference during the first dedicated “Health Day” designed to highlight the connections between the climate crisis and health crises, The Hill reports.

He said the climate and health issues are one and the same, a message he delivers on his endless flights around the globe talking about the “climate crisis.”

but the president of cop 28 said there is no science backing the claims oil and gas and coal are bad

burnign coal produces sulfur dioxide and cools the earth PROOF

White House pulls inspiration from ‘Operation Dark Storm’ in The Matrix film to combat global warming: Official want to spray particles into the stratosphere to limit sunlight hitting Earth – but it could cost $10 BILLION per year

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While it sounds like a plot from a science fiction film, US government officials are looking to spend around $10 billion per year on the program that would send flying aircraft into the stratosphere to release an aerosol with reflective abilities.

The research, according to CNBC, is looking at sulfur dioxide, which spews from volcanoes and coal factories and is known to block sunlight, along with cool the Earth.

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