Joe Biden’s inflation crisis is worse than Jimmy Carter’s

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For many Americans, the Biden Presidency has brought with it a feeling of déjá vu. Iran is back in the headlines, prices at the gas pump are causing sticker shock, and inflation is at the top of everyone’s minds. The last time inflation was this high was shortly after President Jimmy Carter left office, voted out by Americans fed up with seeing the value of their paychecks shrink every month. Joe Biden’s presidency has frequently been compared to the malaise of the Carter era. In the 1970s, Americans felt that our country was doomed to permanently decline from its former greatness. Today, America is overwhelmed by the crises created by President Biden and Washington Democrats – record inflation, unchecked violent crime, high gas prices, record illegal crossings at the southern border, and the list goes on. Despite these comparisons, the truth is Joe Biden is giving Carter a run for this money when it comes to delivering the worst inflation crisis in living memory.

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Since President Biden took office, inflation has increased 16.6%. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, Accessed 7/12/2023)

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