Joe Biden will NOT appear on the Ohio ballot in November as of right now, according to the Ohio Secretary of State

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Ohio has 17 electoral votes.

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No way they’re going to let that slide without a fight.

My bet would be a special session of the legislature. Or some other legal loophole.

Of course if it was team Trump making this kind of blunder, you know they would push it to the hilt to screw him.

The law is the law. A lot of that law (especially election law in 2020) is getting ignored. When doing so benefits “the right people”. In my opinion there should be harsh penalties for those who violate these sacrosanct laws that preserve our scheme of ordered liberty, and free & fair elections.

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Every time one of these is broken it’s like removing another brick from our nation’s foundations. Let it go on, it’s only a matter of time before a collapse.


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