Joe Biden is slammed for taking mask off and leaning in to give 81-year-old war hero the Medal of Honor after being with COVID positive jill

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President Biden wore a face mask at a White House event but quickly took it off

He then hovered near the 81-year-old war veteran to give him the Medal of Honor

Biden is negative for COVID and said that First Lady Jill Biden was doing ‘well

Joe Biden has been slammed for taking off his face mask while standing next to an 81-year-old war hero – despite his wife Jill testing positive for COVID the day before.

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The President, who was awarding a Congressional Medal of Honor to Captain Larry Taylor, entered the White House wearing a black face mask, but removed it during the prayer portion of the ceremony.

He did not replace it when he stood beside Taylor for four minutes, and fastened the medal around his neck.

The White House said before the event he would follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevent guidelines when it comes to testing and masking.

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But his extended time in close proximity to Taylor raised eyebrows.


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