Joe Biden is done. CNN starting to betray Him. Pelosi Signaled it

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It’s obvious.

The same guy they lied to protect for 5 years, now they are turning on him.

He’s not going to be 2024 candidate.

They know the cheat will not be believed with him at the head.

I don’t think they can sell fake black turnout for Newsome.
Kamala is a failure.

Mike Obama is their only out now.

See also  Robert F. Kennedy Jr: "If the DNC is going to rig it so that it is simply impossible for anybody to challenge President Biden, then I need to look at alternatives..."

Also Few people know this:

10 Republican Seats
15 Democrat Seats

–huge opportunity for the Republicans to win the Senate/House/Presidency

…they will have to epstein Trump.

CNN Throws Joe Biden Under the Bus – Entire Segment on How He is a Pathological Liar

See also  Rep. Nancy Mace to Joe Biden: “We’re Coming for You” – Biden Family Money Laundering Was for “Tens of Millions of Dollar

New Reuters Poll buries the lede. Trump leads Biden 41-35 in seven swing states.



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