Jimmy Kimmel Suggests Joe Biden Having Dementia Is A “Crazy Conspiracy Theory”

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During a monologue about the Taylor Swift psyop, late night comedian Jimmy Kimmel suggested that it was a ‘crazy conspiracy theory’ to believe that Joe Biden might be suffering from dementia.

Kimmel weighed in on assertions by Trump supporters that the NFL might be involved in promoting Swift as part of a voter recruitment strategy to help the Biden campaign.

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As we previously highlighted, the media has played up the NFL angle in a bid to dismiss the entire issue, attacking conservatives who talked about it as unhinged cranks.

This despite the fact that the New York Times reported the Biden campaign does have a Taylor Swift strategy that could involve Biden appearing at one of Swift’s concerts before the election.

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Kimmel opened his monologue by calling Vivek Ramaswamy a “clown who ran for president” who then “added his nut voice to the chorus of cuckoos” surrounding the speculation over Swift being used as a Democrat operative.


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