Jimmy Kimmel OUT At Late Night! Brutal Ratings, Fraud Lawsuit & HUMILIATED By Gutfeld & Jon Stewart

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jimmy kimmel is pretending he’s quitting but the truth is his ratings suck and people want him out

Jimmy Kimmel Hints At Late Night Show Exit: “I Think This Is My Final Contract”

Jimmy Kimmel hints that he might be retiring from late-night TV as soon as his contract is over at ABC.

In a new interview, the comedian opened up about feeling like his time to leave Jimmy Kimmel Live! is coming up.

“I think this is my final contract,” Kimmel told the Los Angeles Times. “I hate to even say it, because everyone’s laughing at me now – each time I think that, and then it turns out to be not the case. I still have a little more than two years left on my contract, and that seems pretty good. That seems like enough.”

Kimmel has been a staple of late-night television since 2003, with 21 seasons under his belt. The host said that he’s thought about life without the show but when the hiatus hits, he misses it.

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“It’s hard to yearn for it when you’re doing it,” he said. “Wednesday night, I was very tired and I had all these scripts to go through – I had to revise and rewrite all these pitch ideas for the Oscars – and I was literally nodding off onto my computer. In those moments, I think, ‘I cannot wait until my contract is over.’ But then, I take the summer off or I go on strike, and you start going, ‘Yeah, I miss the fun stuff.'”



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