Japan: Real wages plummet for 24th month, nation grapples with impending currency implosion.

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Japan’s real wages have been on a downward trend for 24 consecutive months, indicating a significant financial challenge for its citizens. The country is facing a severe economic headwind, possibly leading to a currency implosion. Addressing this crisis may require a massive intervention.

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Yen’s Fragility Raises Specter of a New Currency War in Asia

(Bloomberg) — As the yen plumbs new lows, some investors are pondering an almost unthinkable scenario in a region busy bolstering falling exchange rates — a series of competitive devaluations that starts a new Asian currency war.

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Suspected intervention to drag the yen off a 34-year low against the dollar is already seen as unlikely to have a lasting effect if Japan continues alone, raising the prospect of another bout of weakness in the beleaguered currency. That could push competitive tensions with exporting neighbors South Korea and Taiwan to a peak — and heap pressure on China where chatter is already growing about the potential for a yuan devaluation.

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