I’ve always found it amusing how out of touch some billionaires are with the plight average joes struggle with.

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You spent all 1200 of your stimulus checks? Maybe you just need to stop spending so much on coffee and Avocado toast. /s

“JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon has been widely criticised for suggesting that average Americans are doing well financially despite rising inflation and stagnant interest rates putting a strain on household budgets.

Dimon sparked outrage with comments on The Wall Street Journal podcast, “The Journal.” Dimon, whose net worth is estimated at £1.67 billion ($2.1 billion) by Forbes, stated that consumers “still have excess money from COVID.”

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Downplaying concerns about the economic impact on everyday Americans, Dimon told interviewer Emma Tucker, “The consumer’s in pretty good shape right now.” However, last month, Dimon himself predicted inflation would stay high, potentially harming the US economy in the near term.

Public Outrage Over Jamie Dimon’s Comments
As expected, his latest remarks were slammed online, including by one furious TikToker left in disbelief after the head of the US largest bank claimed Americans are ‘still spending down funds handed out during the pandemic.’ As expected, backlash erupted online following comments by Dimon, who played a key role in a bank rescue effort last year.”

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