It’s a Giant S*** Sandwich and We’re Going to Be Living On It with John Rubino

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from Kerry Lutz’s Financial Survival Network

Kerry and John Rubino discussed various indicators pointing towards an economic slowdown, attributing it to factors like higher interest rates and government interventions through liquidity injections. They also touched upon the upcoming election and its potential influence on the economic narrative. The speakers expressed differing views on whether the current trend in the gold and silver market represents a temporary correction or a continuation of the bull market. The conversation also explored the multifaceted impact of current events on the political landscape, emphasizing the challenges faced by the Biden administration, such as inflation, border control issues, and escalating international conflicts. They highlighted the emergence of a paradigm shift towards government intervention and the implications for future political strategies. Additionally, the speakers engaged in a speculative conversation about the potential imprisonment of Trump, considering the implications and motivations behind such a scenario. Finally, they discussed the escalating tensions in Ukraine, expressing deep concern about the potential for World War III and analyzing the involvement of NATO and the US.

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