Israel’s High Court endorses IDF haredi draft, calls to freeze yeshiva funding

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The High Court of Justice on Thursday night issued a blockbuster decision endorsing a universal draft, including the Haredi sector, starting April 1 as a matter of principle, while in practice deferring most enforcement until August 9.The decision largely accepted the recommendation of the Attorney-General’s Office on these issues, invoking a legal universal draft immediately but providing months of transition time for the institutions to adjust to the new reality.

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As of Monday, some institutions or classes within institutions will already have their funds frozen, but on a larger scale, the freeze won’t take effect until August 9. Unsaid in the decision is that the next few months will also give the government an extension to potentially pass a new law, bypassing the current decision.

Furthermore, it remains unspoken that holding elections before August 9 could potentially freeze the entire process. Technically the decision was an interim order, such that the court also ordered a hearing before an expanded panel of nine justices to be scheduled sometime in May to resolve a variety of issues raised by its decision, which could lead to the decision being final.

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