Israeli parliament passes law paving way for Al Jazeera ban

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Israel’s parliament has passed a law which could allow a potential shutdown of foreign broadcasters in the country – including Al Jazeera.
The Knesset voted overwelmingly in favour of the law, which Israel has been pushing since the beginning of its war on Gaza.
The law allows Israel to shut down any broadcaster if it deems its content ‘threatens national security’.

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Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu posted on X, saying Al Jazeera ‘actively participated in the October 7 massacre’ and ‘incited’ against Israeli soldiers.
He says ‘it’s time to remove the mouthpiece of Hamas from our country’ and calls Al Jazeera a ‘terror channel’.
Netanyahu says he intends to take immediate action to stop Al Jazeera’s activities in Israel.

The US State Department has responded to the Knesset vote, saying that it supports the work of the free press.

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