Israeli forces have launched their ground offensive against Rafah.

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Amidst a backdrop of ceasefires and conflict, Israeli troops surge into Rafah, Gaza’s final Hamas stronghold, igniting a tense showdown.

Key Points:

  • IDF’s long-awaited invasion of Rafah signals a dramatic escalation in the conflict.
  • Intense bombing raids on terrorist infrastructure by IDF jets precede ground incursion.
  • Hamas’s ceasefire acceptance, unilaterally proposed without Israeli input, adds to the chaos.
  • Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu affirms the invasion aims to pressure Hamas for hostage release.
  • Despite ceasefire gestures, Israeli tanks roll into Rafah, amplifying regional tensions.
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Israeli offensive begins in Rafah, massive airstrikes.

Israeli tanks enter eastern Rafah.

Video: Smoke rises after airstrikes.

Follow invasion live updates at Times of Israel.

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