Israel Interception Rate = 98%. Biden tells Bibi US will NOT Participate in Offensive Operations against Iran

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– Iran launched over 200 drones and missiles at Israel, overwhelming majority intercepted before entering Israeli airspace.

– US and British air forces participated in neutralizing threats before entering Israeli airspace.

– Minor damage sustained at Israel military base in the country’s south.

– No Israeli fatalities reported at this point.

– Airspaces of several regional countries have been closed, air defenses on high alert.

– Western allies of Israel and UN Secretary General condemn Iranian attack.

– Significant US bi-partisan support for Israel.

– Israel calls for UN Security Council meeting, set to be held later today.

– Israeli officials vow significant retaliation is coming.

Crazy Footage from tonight showing what appears to be an Exo-Atmospheric Interception, an Interception which occurs Outside the Earth’s Atmosphere, of an Iranian Ballistic Missile over Israel; the Intercept was likely conducted by the Israeli “Arrow 3” Hypersonic Surface-to-Air Missile System or a U.S. Navy Ship off the Coast utilizing an SM-3.

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