Iran Says They’re Not Responsible for Jordan Attacks

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by Chris Black

The US says they’re not responsible for the actions of the Ukraine, so I don’t see how Iran can possibly be held responsible for the actions of allied militias in Iraq.


Tehran was not involved in the drone attack on a US base in Jordan which left three service members dead and more than 30 wounded, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani said on Monday. 

A Pentagon spokesman – who, interestingly, appears to be from some Islamic country – said Monday that the US has no evidence Iran ordered this attack.

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US “retaliation” against Iran will have nothing to do with US troops.

It will be focused entirely around aiding Israel’s failing war effort.

The occupied government in Washington could hit IRGC ships aiding the Houthis, Iranian supply lines in Syria and Iraq and to Hezbollah in Lebanon, etc.

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Israel is too afraid to do this itself because Iran can directly retaliate against them, but the people America believe Tehran is too scared to fight back against the US directly.

We will see who is right.

It seems to me that a US war with Iran would lead to the biggest defeat in US history.

We’re watching a group of morons ring the death knell of the empire.

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